I Could’ve Been a Mechanic

sunsetAs you guys know, I was a little into cars and of course my limo. My brother was in tech school for being a mechanic. He was way older than me so he would teach me things he knew and learned about. From what I heard, my brother was a great mechanic. He had a very strong knowledge of how automobiles work and their functions. He taught me a thing or two. I think it was his dream to be a mechanic, but for me that wasn’t so much the case. I was more into the jobs on the higher end of the pay scale. I was looking more at becoming a doctor or a lawyer. They seem to get paid a large amount of money. engine repair

Anyway, after school I would come home and my brother would be working on a particular vehicle. He was trying to get this old piece of junk up and running and, he wanted to add all these cool gadgets to it. I thought the guy was crazy, but he was determined. He used that car as a teaching tool to help me understand how a car works and what it took to fix them.

As the years passed by, I could have become a certified mechanic just from practicing with my brother and fully understanding how a vehicle worked. Yes it was a handy skill to have, but it just wasn’t  where my heart was.

I moved onto college and went to school for becoming a nurse. Little did I know that nursing school is no joke and it takes a lot of work to get in. I, of course, was determined and worked my butt off. I finally landed my RN and got a job at the local hospital in the community. This was perfect.

As I was going to nursing school, my brother was creating his auto repair shop business. He actually hired a bunch of his friends. When I landed a job, my brother also landed his life long career. His repair service blew up. People were coming from all over the place and visiting him and he was raking up the dough. I asked him how we did this. I mean at this point he was making and is still making more than me. He said little brother, it’s not so much the skill, but how you use your skills. I thought this was unique because yes he doesn’t exactly have the skills of a nurse, but his skill to repair vehicles, along with be a successful business man is a challenge in itself.

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The moral of this story is, it is hard to tell the future and how some situations are going to pan out. But if you work hard to achieve what you truly want it is possible. My brother made his dreams come true and I’m on the road to making mine come true as well.

High School were THE Days!

So I told you guys about the story of my limo being my way of transportation to school everyday, but with high school brings a lot of different stories. High school is an important time for people to find themselves and figure out who they are. And quite frankly, most people still don’t know who they are by the time they graduate. I think post high school until you’re about 23 or 24 is when you truly figure who you are.

hummer limousinef

Well I’ve got another story with a valuable lesson.

My limousine soon became very handy is a number of way. First, it was a very comfortable ride. I could have a friend drive, while me and other friends were in the back enjoying ourselves. Secondly, the sound system in that baby was amazing. You literally could feel the vibrations in your seats. It was insane! Thirdly, the privacy of the ride was out of this world. I mean in high school I was a very private person and the window tint on the windows were extreme. Nobody could see in the windows, but you could see everyone looking out.

So me, like any other young teenage boy took advantage of this ride. Let me tell you, we had plenty of good times and memories in the back of that limousine. It was also the perfect get away from my parents when they were smothering me. I would just go out to my limo and even slept in there some nights. I was living the dream.

In one situation, there was a girl I was really digging. She was the most beautiful and popular girl in the school. She was in a few of my classes like biology and algebra. In biology, she was in a different group, but her group was always near my group. Of course she never really paid any attention to me. She was always giving most of her attention  to the athletic guys, you know the ones that were super good looking. I was just on the average side.

high schoolBut once I got my ride, word got around the school fast. We only had about 700 kids. So one day when I was at my locker she came up to me and asked what was up. Of course I could barely get any words out so I tried my best to act cool. After a few minutes she finally asked if I would take her to prom. And of course I said yes. I mean who wouldn’t say yes, only an idiot that’s for sure.

The plans were set and before I knew it prom night was here. We actually had a great time and danced to a few songs. Turns out were had a lot in common and I think she was really digging me. After a long night of dancing I was planning on taking her home. But instead she wanted to take a detour and so we stopped at a cliff where most couples would park and look at the scenery of mother nature. We climbed into the back because that’s what she wanted to do.

Well we started getting a little frisky and all of a sudden we see blue and red lights flashing and I knew this could only mean one thing…

Yup the good ole police. I’m not sure who was more embarrassed, her or me.

Turns out, her dad was the sheriff and he was the one who pulled us over. So then my parents got the phone call and her dad was livid. I didn’t think I was going to survive to see the next day.

But in the end, things worked out. Yes her dad hated me for awhile, but after he got to know me and we talked things out he wasn’t too mad. I gained his trust after about a year. Yes me and that girl dated until we graduated.

The moral of this story is, well there wasn’t too much of a moral but that okay. It was a good memory that I had in my pride and joy. I will never forget that night and I truly believed it helped me grow as person.

Comments and if there is a story you would like to share go ahead and share your story in the comments below. I enjoy hearing a few good stories every once in awhile.

Your friend,



My Pride and Joy

racecarI would like to start off these blogs talking about some of the things that I cherish the most in life.

So growing up, I always wanted to be a NASCAR driver. I enjoyed watching Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson. I’m 30 now and still watch NASCAR as much as I can. But as life goes, we all get a little busy. And my occupation now has nothing what so ever to do with driving of any sort. I work as a veterinarian in my town. It’s pretty good money and I am happy.

So back to my story, growing up I had a car that was the car of my dreams. I mean not many people can sit there and say they had the car of their dreams in high school. I was the cool kid. But I bet you’re wondering what type of car it was. And I am sure by now you’re probably wondering what type of vehicle this was.

Well ladies and gentlemen, this car was a limo. Now I know what you’re thinking. How could a kid with a limo in high school be the cool kid? Sounds kind of weird and odd to you huh?

Yes I thought the same at first, but in reality it wasn’t that weird to everyone. I actually started making money off of my own means of transportation and boom I was on my way to college. I think I inspired a lot of my peers to go out and do what you want to do and own your dreams.

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I was such a big influence that I got my uncle running his own limousine business. My uncle was the type of uncle that everyone wanted. He was the cool uncle. He was married 3 times and divorced all 3 of those women. So I’m not too sure if I really learned anything from him lol.

But on a serious note, my uncle saw the success I had and immediately took the steps to creating his own business. It didn’t take him long to become established and one of the highest and respected business’s in town. At the point, I think of my uncle came to realize what his calling in life was and I was nothing but happy for my uncle.

I learned a huge lesson from this. I learned that people see what others do and learn from others. And if you are successful people are going to listen to you and follow your steps to help them become successful as well. This is one of the many lessons I learned when I was younger. But I think this is the first step to where my real life learning took place.

I think I realized a valuable lesson at such a young age. It completely blew my mind. I made my parents very proud of me because I don’t think they were thinking I’d amount to much just because of past experiences I have had.

But look at me now. And if I can be successful you can too.

Feel free the leave any comments or questions you have for me and I would be more than willing to answer them for you.

Talk to you guys soon!

Your friend,


Greetings Friends!

Welcome to my new blog. My name is Billy but my last name is Shep. So everyone calls me Shep. It’s nice to meet you. I will be blogging about different experiences I’ve had in my life and the lessons I learned from them. Stay tuned and I will be back with an update soon!